A Round- Up of the best Halloween competitions this week!

Another week has passed by and I thought i’d go with the theme of Halloween this competition round- up!

This is just a few that are around at the moment but i’m sure a lot more can be found. Please leave a link below if you find more or end up winning any spooky Halloween goodies!

A Round- Up of the best competitions i’ve found this week!

Everyone whom knows me knows I love entering competitions, everything from the fill in and post type, the simple enter your details to the more difficult and those troublesome 25 WOL. It’s the thrill of getting something in the mail, something unexpected.
Winner winner chicken dinner
Here I will give a weekly round- up of the best competitions i’ve found each week.

For anyone starting out on competitions the above are some easy, simple fill in competitions that have great prizes on offer, imagine winning a trip or a heap of spending cash, wouldn’t that make your day!

A break from the Light and Bright.

I admit I’ve taken a very long break from blogging, life has just been too hard, too much all in such a short space of time and my heart hasn’t been in it.
The past year in general just went from one thing to the next.

Last year my Nana was diagnosed with a terrible illness called Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy, by the time she actually got this diagnosis she was already immobile. Although it’s something she would of had for many years. You see PSP is rare and usually diagnosed as other illnesses until the later stages.¬† I may or may not do a post on it in the future.
Nana passed away in March after fighting this disease the best way she could.
In the month that followed I lost one of my guinea pigs and a friend to suicide.
Tough times…

I’m also not entirely sure where I want Light, Bright and Darkness to go. It might just become a mish mash of many ideas, thoughts and gibberish. Doesn’t everyone enjoy a bit of gibberish occasionally anyway!

Til next time…


Survey it!

As someone whom likes making those $$ go further and earning a little on the side I took up surveys. Not a hobby for everyone but I actually really love doing surveys, it’s enjoyable to have opinions about topics that come up and seeing the $$ add up is also lots of fun and motivating to continue.

Some of these survey sites let you swap points for cash in a paypal account or straight into a bank account, others can be swapped for gift cards which are fantastic for gifts or groceries. You won’t make loads but every bit helps.
Here I share some of my favourite survey sites:-

Vindale- It’s only this year that i’ve joined vindale and i’ve already gotten $50 US cashed into my bank account. I find this site easy to use and with numerous surveys daily it’s a really great site.

Survey Choice- Another great one that i’ve been doing for sometime. This site pays a bit more then other sites per survey so defiantly worth getting onto.

MyView- I find this survey site offers the best amount of points per survey and I cash out with them often. Personally I’d say MyView is my favourite I just love how it’s set out and the surveys are more interesting. They also occasionally offer products for reviews!

OpinionWorld- Another site I cash out with often.

My Opinions- For shorter surveys this one is fantastic.

Purkle- Even if you don’t quality for the survey you still get 20c, Worth signing up for just even if it’s just to watch those 20c add up!

These are just a few of my favourite but if you really look into it you’ll find many more and coming up to Christmas you can never have enough extra cash to splurge on those you care about!

Weekly Round- Up!

Things i’m reading, watching, loving this week and weekly round up of posts I think are worth reading!

Reading- The Stoccos by Nino Bucci.
This book is an insight into Australian most notorious “bushrangers” and their decent into crime. It’s a fascinating story and to be completely honest I don’t think the time fits the crime. They stole from people who outcast them and the one man they did kill was a criminal himself. Read the book and find out for yourself, I’d love opinions!

Watching- Amazing Interiors.
This show is amazing. The police officer that comes home to the house of horrors, yes please!
Last weekend I picked up my new glasses and I love them, I can see again without all the blurriness. My eyes deteriorated a fair bit within the two years since I last had them checked, one eye can’t see far and the other can’t see close so wearing my glasses helps all round! I got some pretty funky ones too!

-I came across this article on hair transformations, and I have to say I want bangs!
-Smart tips for achieving Less food waste.
–¬†This¬†Disturbia Web shirt is amazing and on sale.
– I walked into Target last week for a browse, came across¬†This¬†stunning Botanic Framed Print, I think I might go back and pick it up for hanging in my bathroom! It’s so pretty and I think it will add something pretty to the pink room!
РTiny houses are amazing, but think of all that decluttering. Here is a woman whom has done just that!


The Stoccos- Nino Bucci

As someone whom loves true crime I had to read this book on “the eight year manhunt that captured Australia”, The Stoccos!
I hadn’t actually heard much about Mark and Gino Stocco¬† until the arrest on October 28, 2015 and those arrest pictures popped up everywhere, Gino with his black eye and Mark with the blood covered hoodie.

This book starts off with Gino’s parents immigrating to Australia and has some back history of Italian immigration. Egidia and Pietro (also known as Peter) immigrated to Australia and had 4 children Gino was the second born.
Gino married Connie and had two children a daughter and a son, that son would be Mark. Mark was a smart son and was particularly good with numbers and was enrolled at university before his downward spiral into crime with his father.

What started Gino’s decline and his decision to take his son down with him? Although a few earlier charges of stealing Gino’s main issue seemed to be an anti authority personality and the break down of his marriage to Connie.¬† Although in later interviews Gino stated he wasn’t depressed however stated the divorce left him with extreme sadness.

What I found really interesting about Gino and Mark is how motivated they are with everything they do. After the divorce Gino and Mark travelled to Taree and purchased a yacht, the Kiwarrack. In 2003 they set sail, along the way stealing identities, breaking into a yacht club and Mark at one point came across Connie in a car pack and stole the contents of her handbag. These crimes left Gino in prison for 4 months and Mark for 2.

This distaste for authority lead them to farms across QLD, NSW and Victoria  where they earned there keep by doing work for a place to stay. Ask any of the owners of these farms what The Stoccos were like and they say they were extremely hard working, kind polite just a little odd.
Anytime Gino and Mark were asked to leave a place for one reason or another they felt this wasn’t very fair as they’d worked hard and built so much from scratch. This generally lead to The Stoccos coming back to a property at a later date to steal or destroy property.

What about the murder of Rosario Cimone? The only murder the men commited. Rosario was a criminal himself, charged with what I would consider harsher crimes. A Calabrian mafia member, Rosario and the stoccos met when Rosario was minding and tending to a marijuana crop. The Stoccos saw this farm at Pinevale the safest haven away from police. After a threat to have Gino and Mark thrown off the property Rosario was shot and his body dumped.

On October 28, 2015 The Stoccos 8 years on the run came to an end. The police located the pair at Pinevale and swooped in. In later interviews Gino and Mark said they knew there time had come to an end, they were exhausted from running.
The pair were both sentenced to life in prison with Gino been in his 80’s when his release is due and Mark in his 60’s.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it gave me a closer look at The Stoccos and I became somewhat attached to them. I can relate to the “black sheep”, “outcast” mentality that they felt throughout life.

5 out of 5 stars!

In the mail this week 1-7 Jan 2018!

2018 has gotten off to a great start and so I thought i’d start the year off with a “what came in my mailbox” post!
I ordered myself a few things that I came across and loved and though why not treat myself.
First off I picked up a book that i’d borrowed and read from the library but really wanted to own for myself for future reference…
This book goes into detail about how to bullet journal and has so many ideas, tips and hints. I love it and will be using it to give me ideas on future spreads, lists and trackers.
It gave me the idea to put a Key and Table of Contents in the front of my journal just so I can find things i’ve written quicker and I really love that idea.
hourly agenda

I really love the layout and how everything is clearly explained in this book!

The other things I picked up I bought off Etsy and they were just stationary items from a store called Sweet Sunday gifts.
These stickers are very cute and perfect for sticking on packages to friends and sealing envelopes, just adding that extra cute element to the mail!
and more stickers, this time bunnies because bunnies are very cute! You’ll find I have a new found love for bunnies and i’ll explain in a later post but for now i’ll just be sticking these bunnies everywhere!
The heart pegs are also from Sweet Sunday Gifts and i’m using them to peg up photos and motivational quotes on my peg board!

Lastly I receieved a win in the mail, First win of 2018!
A Star Wars The Last Jedi! pack!
It’s a pretty cool prize including the huge poster, backpack, keychain, notebook and headphones.
My mum already laid claim to the headphones because she actually wanted a pair for sometime and these are pretty neat. The backpack great quality as well with padding on the straps to prevent rubbing.

Hopefully next week I have another good mail week and will let you know what the mailman brings!