In my letterbox this week…

Only a few goodies in the mail this week! However I was still very happy with the few things that did come.

This months issue of It’s a Rats World magazine came, as everyone knows I love rats. The past 9 years i’ve been a rat mum to many lovely rat sons. This past month I lost both Remi and Spencer, Remi to a stroke and Spencer to respiratory issues, a broken heart and old age. I miss them terribly.
It’s a Rats world is a magazine dedicated to like minded rat parents, rat lover and in general the rat crazy!

The April issue is full of information, stories and lovely pictures of adorable rats.
I especially love the Annoucements page with annouces Newbie rats, Birthday rats and those dreaded Goodbyes.
April 2016 Cover

Also recieved a prize from People magazine.
Evil Life- The True Story of the Calabrian Mafia in Australia! This looks really interesting, I love true crime and horror so this is right up my alley.

The last thing that came in the mail this week was a pair of Jade Pants by Betty Basics.
I purchased these through (my favourite online store) and was thrilled when they arrived within a day of me placing the purchase. I love these pants, actually love isn’t a strong enough word, they are the epitome of awesome, they are cosy, spunky and look really cool. I am considering getting these in every colour!
Check out the birdsnest website you’ll be glad you did, it’s got a great range of styles, brands, and price points. It’s my one stop shop.
Oh and the ladies that run it are amazing, they’ll even pop a sweet note with your purchase making you feel extra special!

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