In my letterbox this week…

Another short week this week, so only 4 days of mail.
Firstly I think the world really wants me to see the Mother’s Day movie, another double pass came and a single pass. I have given them all to people whom will see the movie and enjoy it. A double pass to my neighbour, and a double pass and single pass to Dawn at Zion op shop, she’s a lovely  lady and said she’ll take her son!

Next up this huge box from booktopia came, I was not expected such a huge box. It was this very cool book on the history of skateboarding! thumbnail_DSC_0517

This healthy lunchbox guide came in the mail.
It’s a flipbook guide that details what should be eaten from each food group, even gives serving sizes.
Plus who doesn’t love food with cute faces!

Lastly it’s Mother’s day, So Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there even the Mother’s to furbabies, feathered babies and scaled babies!

You ain’t got nothing on my mother though! She rocks.

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