Let’s talk sexuality…

For my first serious post i’m going to get into something that I take very seriously and thats sexuality, not just lesbian, gay, queer but transgender, asexual… all in between and outside those lines.
Put simply, I do not care. I do not care whether you like ladies, men, ladyboys, boyladys, what the hell ever, it’s your decision and I am not here to judge you. I may have only had relationships with men in my life but if I liked a female so be it. I would go there. I have wonderful friends whom are lesbians and I love them dearly. I have had friends that have gone on to have hormone treatment and changed into the opposite sex. All the more power to them.
What I have a problem with is those people whom think it’s ok to judge, say it’s wrong or not what “god” wanted. Do you know “god” personally? Did he tell you it’s wrong? If you have such a problem I think you need to look inside yourself. To judge someone on something they didn’t choose, and no it isn’t a persons choice, is just plain messed up. Think to yourself, does someone elses relationship have anything to do with you? Does whether someone is male or female really change whom they are inside?
The answer to both those questions are no! No No No.

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