This week in my letterbox…

This week I had a great mail week, so many goodies came through and it made for an exciting time!
First up… another win from Total Girl. A collection of The Marsh Road books, these look interesting!

total girl books

Secondly movie tickets! Always seem to get movie tickets at least once a week! This week it was tickets to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, I like Tina Fey so might go to this one!
whisky tango foxtrot
Last win for the week was a $100 woolworths gift card!

Gift cards are fantastic to win and probably my favourite prize. I won this one from Obela dips, it was a creative competition and I really thought I wouldn’t win because I submitted my entry at the last minute and didn’t think it was that great. Here is my entry…
What do you think? I don’t think many people enter creative competitions but I rather enjoy putting a bit of effort in and using my brain!

Priceline is doing a cosmetic bag with purchase again so of course I had to get involved. I love when Priceline does these, it gives me reason to stock up on products i’ve heard about and get a few freebies in the process. And who doesn’t love something for nothing!
I’m really excited about trying the manga eyes mascara, Master scult contour setand the nude by nature primer!

This month Red Paw Paw is back, new people have taken over and it was a pretty good box!
I just tried the Oat Crisp cereal and it was yummy, and will be trying the coffee in the next few minutes! For the price of Red Paw Paw I thought this was good. I mean Women’s Health magazine alone is $7.99. My family love the Waterthins Twists as well so that it something we already purchase.

Was a fantastic week for my letterbox!

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