This week in my letterbox…

I’ve been a bit slack with this blog, I’ve had so much happening that I seem to forget about it, alas I am back and going to keep it going!
First off I have to say a huge Rest In Peace to my granddad, coolest dude in the world, all round champ, teller of the best stories… He passed away in June and it just doesn’t seem real, it’s like he’ll just be sitting on his verandah like always.


Onto a happier note, this week was a fantastic week for my letterbox, entering competitions really pays off when you put in the effort.
On Monday I came home to a big box and a big packing bag! How exciting, what was inside you wonder?
This was a win in a raffle on Facebook! So many goodies, badges, postcards, headscarfes, knee high socks, a dreamcatcher, cushion cover, and a heap of bath luxuries! I discovered a few raffle and dip pages on facebook and they are wonderful as you have a higher chance of winning because less people will purchase a number!
This came as well, my Goosebumps prize from Total Girl! I love Goosebumps so I’m thrilled with this prize. It includes a knome hat, magnets, light up shoe laces, bouncing putty, a bike bell, badges and the latest movie! I was going to buy the movie so this was a lovely surprise!
A successful start to the week!

Tuesday was full of more wins…
I won these towels in another Facebook raffle, it’s a set that includes 2 towels, a bath mat, hand towel and facewasher! The best part of this win was I got to pick the colour and embroidered image! I couldn’t resist the pretty birds!
This book showed up on Tuesday as well! Not sure where I won it from as it didn’t have a note attached. It looks like a good read though.

Wednesday was a public holiday in the Brisbane City Council region due to the exhibition, however a lady still dropped a parcel in the letterbox.
oil pulling
It’s a packet of 14 sachets of oil pulling coconut oil! In a minty flavour. I’ve tried oil pulling before and found it to be a success so I was thrilled to recieve this. For those that don’t know oil pulling involves filling your mouth with a teaspoon of coconut oil, swishing and swirling it around for 5-15 minutes. The outcome is fresh breath and whiter teeth!
Here is instructions and ingredients for those that may be interested!

On Friday a win from Goodreads showed up…
Skylanders fascinate me but i’m not really too sure how it works. Is it like Pokemon?
I’m going to read this to find out!

A big thank you goes out to Lorna Beattie whom has inspired me to get my comping mojo back and writes the fantastic blog be sure to jump over and check her out!





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