In my letterbox this week…

I’ve had a rather good week prize wise this week! Nothing beats that feeling of a package waiting on the bench when I get home from work.
Before I get into what I recieved i’d like to point out some of my favourite comping blogs, I have a few that I frequent that keep me inspired and motivated.
First off Diary Of a Comp Queen- Sarah is an Australian comper (actually the only Australian comping blog that I know of), she always has fabulous comps running and posts her wins and tips! Di Coke is probably one of the most famous comp bloggers, I love her Monthly prize unboxings and videos loaded with tips and tricks. Laurie is a very cool uni student comper, also very frugal money saving all round awesome chick!
and lastly I just discovered this new one this lucky lady won a trip to Hong Kong and Rio!

My prizes this week consisted of…
I won this Sourpuss cardigan in a raffle, it’s super soft and cosy. Hopefully we have a few more cooler weeks so I can get some wear out of this!
I won this book through National Geographic, I love these kids books, quick and easy reads that take you away from reality!
When I opened this one I laughed, I laughed hard. I won so many tickets to this movie when it came out and gave them all away, so to win the dvd was like  the movie saying I just must watch it. Maybe just Maybe I’ll watch it when I’m really bored.
Dvds, lots of childrens dvds! I don’t know why they sent two of the exact same though!
More coconut pulling sachets! As I said in a previous post I love this stuff and with all the packs i’m winning it looks like I won’t be running out anytime soon!

If anyone out there knows of any Australian comping blogs i’d love to check them out. Leave a comment below!

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