It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The tree is up, carols are getting sung and Santa is at every shopping centre, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and one of my favourite little online stores I always find myself looking for a cool gift for that special someone is
Just this past week the Christmas gift guide catalogue came through my mail and it’s filled with so many beautiful gifts!

I’ve been a Birdsnest girl for some years now and the service they offer is comparable to none. It’s amazing, from the way your purchase comes wrapped and tucked into a little bag to the adorable, personalized notes the girls send out. This is customer service at it’s finest! The website has a feature where you can put your favourite style, whether you are a pants or skirts wearing type, whether you love showing off your legs or maybe even just some cleavage, the site will recommend what you may like to try!

I’ve put together a Christmas gift guide that may give you some ideas for that special person (or maybe even a sneaky gift to yourself)! Believe me once you get a package from Birdsnest you’ll be back before long!

For a mother (mother’s are one of a kind and deserve the best of everything)!
“Time for Pampering” giftbox ,$29.95. This adorable box comes with a  fragranced soap and hand cream, and look at the adorable cocktiels!
“Embrace Tee”, $49.95, available with black and white.
Let your mum feel like she’s really embracing life in this snazzy tee, Also all proceeds go to The Body Image Movement so your doing your bit for a god cause.
“Lazybones, Imogen Robe”, $95.
Is your mum like mine and passed out on the sofa by 7pm? This dressing gown is perfect for her, Look at the detail, it’s bound to make a mum feel special!

For a dad, (dads always say they want nothing but always get something)!
“Mr Grumpy Keepcup”, $16.95. Why? Because men are always Grumpy!

“Henry Leather Wallet”, $49.95. A classy wallet to store all his cards and cash!

For Sisters,
“Leather Boheme Notebook”, $69.95. Look at this beauty, perfect for storing all those special dates!

“Dreaming Night Tee”, $59.95. A comfortable night tee, perfect for sleepovers and movie nights!

For Brothers, (I am brotherless but if I had one I’m sure the below would make for a happy gift),
“Sailor Man Mens Tee”,  $24.95.
A funky tee, the beard, the pipe, I would wear this myself!

“Hookey Rings Game”, $49.95. Kinda like darts but less dangerous!

For kids,
“Pet Rabbit White Clover”, $24.95.
Watch this cute guy grow clover and be kids will be fascinated!

“Make your own Fashionista Socks”, $22.95.
Give craft time a whole new spin and create some very cool socks to parade around in!

Don’t forget your pets, they deserve some love as well!

“Santa Paws and Santa Claws sacks”, $9.95. Fill these with treats for your furry friends so they don’t feel left out. really doesn’t have something for everyone this silly season.
Don’t have time to wrap a gift, they’ll do it for you and add a little note for the special price of $4.95, still not sure, why not a gift card?

I was in no way sponsored by birdsnest to do this post, it is my own opinions and experiences, and yes I really do love birdsnest!

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