Goodbye, 2016!

Today marks off December 31 2016, so we say goodbye to 2016!
What a year it has been. It’s had it’s ups and some major downs but it really just flew by in a flash. This year gave me a better grip of who I am as a person and made me more confident.
2016 had some major loses that will never be forgotten, not just in the celebrity world, Bowie, why oh why did you have to go? Prince, What the? Weren’t you immortal? Gene Wilder? Huh? and most recently Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and George Michael! This evenly I hope everyone is spared.
However the biggest loss I encountered this year was the passing of my granddad. Alan Alexander Petersen, a local celebrity and all round best teller of stories. He was such a hero in my eyes and always had a new story of his early life that would leave me hanging on the edge of my seat.
This year also marked the passing of my 2 rodent children, Spencer and Remi and Mr Frankie the Fish!  It’s amazing how much they become a piece of the family and leave a lasting impression!

With every negative, has to comes a postive, right?
So with some close passings we had to have some happiness come through and ended up with our adorable guinea pig, Thumper whom from the moment we saw her, I think she and I both knew she was coming home with me to be spoiled.
2016 also came with some lasting friendships that I cherish and couldn’t imagine ever ending. Even if those friendships involve some nights drinking far to much and all becoming a bit tipsy!
I rediscovered my love of reading again this year and read some total of 26 books. Some I loved, some were so- so and others I totally hated (American Psycho!). It fueled my fire to set up my book shelves and put together a small library, which I am loving! All the books, neatly standing side by side, all the other lands I can visit just from picking a book!

I’m looking forward to putting 2016 behind me and starting a fresh, 2017 looks to be full of promise, opportunities and a whole heap of possibilities!

What was 2016 like for you? Did you have a life changing year or are you happy it’s ending?

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