The hobby that is… Comping!

Many people know I enter competitions, it’s a hobby i’ve had for many years and has paid off many times over!
Why do I enter competitions? Truthfully I love getting mail, but not that crappy, boring kind so comping means I get surprises in the mail! It also means I barely ever have to pay to go see a movie ( I mean going to the movies cost so much already, so if I can get past paying why not?). It also means I can gift things to my favourite people and that is something I enjoy!
Let me break down comping with advantages and disadvantages:-

– Getting mail that isn’t something I’ve ordered or a bank statement! The element of surprise!
– Freebies. Getting something for nothing is always fun. Getting something you’ve always wanted for nothing is even better!
– It’s productive and educational, ever entered a 25 WOL competition? They rack your brain and actually make you think. I’m getting much better at these and I find they really make me proud when I love my answer.
– Been able to give my family and friends special things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to give them. Recently I won a $1000 Myer gift card, ended up gifting mum with a turntable and gifted my sister with some Toms shoes, and a sheet set! My dad got free petrol with a $100 petrol voucher, neighbours have seen numerous movies for free, and my partner got a $270 pair of nikes with some Rebel sport vouchers I won. Ultimately this is the reason I find comping so rewarding, giving back!
– Friends, I have met some super lovely people through entering competitions. One friend in particular messages me when something comes up he thinks i’d like, I try to do the same!

– It’s a dog eat dog world with comping, people get jealous and will try to take prizes off you at any cost! I have been kicked out of comping groups just because I am friends with another comper that a bunch of jealous ladies don’t like! They will bitch about you behind your back or even to your face if you win something they want!
– People will ask you to win things for them. This is particulary annoying because it’s a game of luck and I can’t magically make luck work in my favour. It also takes a lot of time and effort.
– Dry spells, you don’t just start winning straight away and can go through dry spells where you are putting in lots of effort but winning nothing. It’s a bit off putting but dry spells don’t last forever!

Ultimately I try to block out those disadvantages and focus on the advantages.
If you are looking for a hobby that is fun, and something you can do at your own pace comping is wonderful, but if you want a easy, quick payoff it might not be for you.

Have you ever won anything? What has been your favourite prize?


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