Currently… The week that is Feb 20-26!

Lately I’ve been wracking my brain about what to write about and I thought why not do a round up of what i’m up to this week, what i’m currently doing, reading and thinking!

I’ve got a few other ideas in the works as to what to publish on this blog so keep an eye on what is coming! Lots of different things that I’ve never tried before!

Back to this week…
Currently reading- The Girls by Emma Cline
This book seems to have a lot of hype behind it, everywhere I look someone is reading it so when I saw it at the library I thought i’d check it out. (Continuing with the hype it’s already got a hold on it which means someone is wanting to read it after me!).
It’s the debut novel by author Emma Cline, a story that follows young Evie whom comes across this entralling dark haired young lady, Suzanne and a group in a park one day, Evie is hooked. She cannot wait til the next time she sees this lady, she’s captured by not only how she looks but how she dresses, how she carries herself. The next moment she spots Suzanne is at the supermarket, Suzanne just wants toilet paper, the shop owner starts screaming telling Suzanne to get out, she’s banned from stealing. That right there should be a warning sign that Suzanne is not someone to get mixed up with however Evie is still hooked and purchases the toilet paper for Suzanne! Evie is picked up by the group of girls one day when her bike has broken down, she is then taken by bus to meet the group leader Russell!
I’m not that far into this book but it’s interesting, it’s based on the story of the women behind Charles Manson so it’s about to get really interesting!

Also reading this week- Frankie magazine March/ April issue
I especially loved the story on the kids and how they respond things in this world. The girl with the brother that tells her about “the man that comes in your sleep” made me laugh. That poor kid!

Currently listening too…
Tegan and Sara and The Darkness!
Need I say more, Do I ever listen to much else, also with the tours coming up I can barely contain my excitement.


Currently Learning… Don’t trust people, some people are just users that will kick you to the wayside when you stop putting their bins away! What the? Seriously when you do nothing all day and can’t put your bins in, i’m sorry you are just lazy!

Currently Loving…
The Piggie Girls! Thumper, Harley and Bambi! I might do a post on the guinea pigs because there is a bit of a story behind them. They all have different personalities and that baby in the middle, Harley, is not a fan of letting anyone sleep. It’s all wheek, wheek, wheek!

Currently Missing…
Granddad. Sometimes I think of something he said or whether he’d be proud of things i’ve done and I just think it’d be cool if he was still around.

Currently Winning…
The novel “A Street Cat Named Bob” and a double pass to see the film!
As soon as I heard about this story I wanted to read and see the movie so I was thrilled to win this prize. I won through Hachette books facebook page, the question was why does your pet make you happy (or something along those lines), I posted a picture of Thumper and wrote about how she always makes me smile and does silly things!

What are you up to this week? What are you reading? What’s this weeks lesson you’ve learnt?

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