Bellabox Feb 2017 review.

Bellabox is a monthly beauty subscription box that has a range of samples of beauty products included for the subscriber to try out and see if they’d purchase any of the full sized products! I’ve been a subscriber on and off over the years, it’s good but I think it could be better. Anyhow lets check out the Feb box…

The February box was themed “beauty inside out”!

Because after Christmas and New Year we probably need to work on the inside to look beautiful outside!

Firstly it included 4 samples of Twinings Morning Tea sachets, these are available in 4 limited edition designs by inspiring Australian Woman. Those woman are Nicole Kidman, Carrie Bickmore, Emma Freedman and Samantha Harris.
The reason behind these limited designs is that one will remain on the shelves after a vote is taken place and 10c from every pack will go towards the inspiring woman’s charity of choice.
To take place in voting go to and vote for your favourite design and charity!

An interesting product in this box was the eye majic instant eye shadow, it’s basically a stick on eyeshadow. Kind of. It’s a patch you place on your eyelid, hold for 4 seconds and slide off and dah dah you have eyeshadow! It reminds me of those stick on tattoos children use, and i’m really freaked out by it. I can’t do eyeshadow, I just end up looking like I blobbed eyeshadow in my eyelid creases and didn’t put any effort in but I don’t think these will chance my mind. I would feel like a pre teen using these! A big no-no Bellabox!

Please explain why?

A favourite of mine in this box is NYX Baked Blush, the shade I received is Spanish Rose and it’s a subtle pink shade that will provide a sheer finish or can be built up stronger for a more intense look. I love blush because it gives my skin some colour so no doubt will be breaking out this blush a lot in the future.


Another favourite in this box is a sample of Cetaphil Oil Free moisturising lotion. Cetaphil is a great brand for those with sensitive skin, it doesn’t irritate and is Fragrance free. I’ll be using this one under my make up to keep my skin moisturised and a big plus is the SPF 30!

There is 2 Klorane products in this box, a shampoo with Quinine and B vitamins and a conditioner with pomegranate. What is Quinine? It seems to be some plant. The shampoo is meant to help with thinning hair and hair loss. I won’t be trying these two as I have used Klorane products before and had a reaction that felt like my head was burning and it was incredibly itchy. It lasted for weeks and it was caused by a shampoo. Not Happy Jan!

Take care of your skin with the sample of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 50+. Given the amount of time I’ve spent in the sun lately i really should be using a sunscreen with a high SPF rating so it’s like BellaBox read my mind or my skin should I say! I use Neutrogena facial washes and they seem really good so hopefully this doesn’t disappoint. It says its light weight and non-greasy so that sounds pretty fantastic to my skin. I hate sunscreen that makes it look like you just rubbed oil all over your face, that’s not an attractive look!

The last product is two AVON Anew Youth extending creams. With Ocean extracts Of micro- algae and sea grape this product repairs the invisible damage that occurs under the skin, helping to fight skin ageing and is said to target up to 9 years of damage. That means I should start to look like a teenager if I use this product! What I wouldn’t give to look like a teenager again.

That concludes the Feb box, some goodies, some not so great. The only issue I have with Bellabox is that sometimes it’s a little bit repetitive, and where is the fun in trying the same products months in and months out.
If it all sounds pretty great to you and you’d love to give Bellabox a go, pop on over to and for $17.95 a month you’ll receive 5+ beauty samples to try!

These are my own opinions and images, I was in no way sponsored by bellabox for this post.




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