Book Review- The Girls by Emma Cline

Title: The Girls
Author: Emma Cline
Publisher: Chatto & Windus
Genre: Fiction

As I said in a previous post this book had me sucked in, hook, line and sinker, I’m actually a bit upset that it’s now finished. I personally could have kept reading this book even if it was double the amount of pages that it was (355 to be exact!).

Main character Evie is a young girl that is trying to find her way in the world, trying to discover what life is about. Her best friend Connie is your typical teen, showing off to boys, reading teen mags and not much else. Evie yearns for more…

That “more” shows up in the form of Suzanne and crew. One day Evie is sitting in the park and notices Suzanne, she is not stanning but stands out to Evie, her clothes, her hair, her demeanor, it’s exhilarating. After that day all Evie wants is to run into Suzanne again and she does. In a shopping trip she runs into Suzanne, whom is getting kicked out of a grocery store because of stealing in the past, Evie sees this as her chance and purchases Suzanne her toilet paper.

Not long after Evie has a fight with her mother, and is peddling along on her bike when it’s chain breaks and she’s so angry, in tears, on the ground. When a van pulls up, out pops one of Suzanne’s crew, Donna. Evie is shuffled into the van along with her bike and driven out to a commune, a bit dirty, a bit chaotic… Evie is fascinated by the carefree life that is lived out by this crew.

This group of carefree are headed by the leader that is Russell. I wannabe musician that puts a spell on all whom he comes into contact with. With all the right words, the right touches, Evie has the spell cast upon her.

This is a story about the girls of the Manson cult and how they were under a spell, obviously it’s not excuse but it’s fascinating to think anyone can be so hooked that they feel they have to follow someone whom is so obviously messed up.

It follows Evie before the murders, during the murders and after the murders and how she felt about them and how even after she still held a special feeling for Suzanne, that same buzz.

A fascinating read that was a stand out debut novel for Emma Cline, I’m really interested in where her writing is headed from here, however I highly doubt “The Girls” can be topped!

Rating: 4 and a half stars out of 5!

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