Currently… The week that is March 27- April 2!

I cannot believe we are heading into April, April will be a month of dreams coming true (once again!) so of course i’m very excited and at random moments telling everyone to “Gimme a D… Gimme an ARKNESS!”. Yes April brings THE DARKNESS!
But thats for another week!
This week…

Currently reading- Style Diaries by Simone Werle.
So technically I wouldn’t call this a book by any standards, it’s a series of photos of bloggers from all over the world. It’s fascinating to see how some fashionistas mix prints, styles and can create these very cool outfits! I’m hoping it will inspire me to dress a bit more funky and stop wearing these muu muu style dresses i’ve been wearing day in day out lately! But seriously muu muu’s are comfy as!

Currently listening too- Permission to Land by The Darkness!
Just getting a bit of my daily dose of The Darkness while writing this. I cannot believe this album came out so long ago, back in 2003 I would of been 15 and I listened to it to death at that age and now as a 28 year old i’m still listening to it almost on daily rotation! It’s a blast of happiness and come to think of it my favourite album of all time!

That right here people is the only album you will ever need!

Currently learning- Persistence and hard work pays off! I’ve spent the past few months really getting into doing weights, weight training and exercising. I hate cardio but love doing weights and squats, so mostly I indulge in that. And guess what I’ve lost cm’s around my waist, hips, thighs and I am feeling ridiculously good. My sciatic nerve pain is just about gone, I can go the whole day without having an energy slump and any headaches I was getting frequently have just about disappeared.

Currently loving- Celebrating Sophie’s 11th Birthday!
Sophie loves Christmas, Birthdays and anything that involves presents, so she was pretty happy with her Birthday haul and in true Sophie fashion had destroyed her toy before 8am!

What a day!

Currently winning- 3 limited edition Fantastic Beasts prints!
I’m not sure where I’m going to hang them yet but wherever I put them they are going to really give it a quirky, cool vibe!

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