Doggie Mail Day!

Does your dog love bring the mail in? Does he/ she enjoy opening presents?
Sophie loves bringing the mail in and trying to rip it open even if it’s not her mail, she also will sit and watch whenever I open mail in front of her.
One day last week I felt like she deserved some special Doggie Mail so I hoped on the internet and searched out some dog gift boxes and came across PetPacks Australia, a pet gift box that offers boxes for dogs and cats!
You can choose a petscription or a one off gift boxed filled with goodies for your special pet! I chose a one of gift box just as a special treat for Sophie.
Once I chose my gift box I thought i’d just have to wait and see what Sophie recieved, however within a few hours I got an email asking about Sophie, What breed is she? What is she like personality wise? What does she like?
I found this to be a great sentiment from PetPacks as they really got to know Sophie and it meant I could let them know a few things about her and how she can’t eat raw hide or chewy treats due to her never chewing her food! Greedy dog!
Sophie was very eager to open her box of goodies, how excited, this excited…

As I said Sophie loves getting mail!
Really loves getting mail…

This is what Sophie recieved in her PetPacks box
She was thrilled with her haul of goodies as was I!
Included was was 2 toys, a roped ball and a fluffy bone which no doubt will be pulled apart and ruined by the end of the day but ultimately I expect that from Sophie, Any soft toys are destroyed but my theory is at least she’s having fun and enjoying herself.
Also 2 bags of cookies, a bag of pumpkin liver treats and skin treatment bones… Sophie has tried both already and approves!
3 drinks were included, a hydrating coconut drink, a puppicino and a Paw Blonde Beer drink (I’m thinking Sophie needs a date with our beer drinking neighbour to have a beer together, Paul i’m looking at you!).  The little bottle is a bottle for the puppicino, I guess so it can be taken out and about!
A discount for Buddy’s Bandanas was in there and a biscuit that has a the quote “I love you this much”! I had a squiz on Buddy’s Bandanas and the items are lovely, bandanas, Bow Ties and Snoods, i’ll find something cool for Sophie (and then she can get even more mail!).

All the goodies!

I was very impressed with this business and how they went above and beyond to customize this pack for Sophie and include items she’ll get use out of!
sophie tous
I paid $50 for this standard box, however you can get a subscription, or a special occassion pack!
I recommend for anyone whom loves their dog (or cat) as much as I love mine, and just want to treat them from time to time.

You can find PetPackAus at
Also on instagram- petpacksaus and facebook- petpacksaus


How to slow down in a fast paced world!

For many, many years I have felt like I just cannot catch a breathe, everything felt like it was going fast forward and that I had to somehow try to keep up. I was constantly stressed, anxious and even at times worried I was cutting my life short by worrying and racing around so much!
It’s a horrible feeling but at least 99% of the world no doubt feels this way (my own statistics, the 1% are probably high off drugs).
Here are a few of my tips to slow down and take a break from it all…

Exercise- A big one! When people say they don’t have time to exercise they are bluffing, believe me you do have time. Even if just a stroll around the block, take the time to see, smell and just be in the moment!
Personally I prefer having someone to exercise with and talk too but if thats not your thing, go it alone. You’ll find your mind clears and you feel a surge of energy to get back into the chaos that is life.

Pet an animal- I love my pets, When I feel sick I lay on the floor with my dog and she cosies up to me and I feel looked after and comforted. Weird? maybe, but it makes me feel better. Other times I sit with my guinea pigs and cuddle them, it’s liked a weight has lifted when I don’t have to think about anything except for my fur children.
If you don’t have a pet, borrow one or pet an animal you meet out on a walk!

My dog, Sophie, is big on cuddles! And napping!


Plan- My journey into planning started with bullet journaling, I’d stick to it for a few weeks and in the end give up or just forget a day and feel like i’d failed. Not a fantastic feeling! I’d seen the planner stickers around ebay, etsy and even in Target and Kmart but a trip into Kikki K over the Christmas break I really thought “hmm, i’d love a planner but don’t think i do anything to plan”. April came and I realized I had a few events coming up so I took the plunge and bought a planner! Since then i’ve been planning my weeks and adding all the pretty stickers and inserts to give me more inclination to plan. Looking at a pretty set out keeps me checking in and keeping up with my plans.

This is the planner I currently use from Kikki K!


I enjoy changing my style around week to week and find I keep to a routine if it’s written in front of me!

Read- Escape into another world! I’m all for a trip to the library to borrow heaps of books, it’s actually one of my favourite things to do. All those books full of lands far from mine, yes please! I’m currently stuck in “See What I have Done”by Sara Schmidt and I’m loving it. It’s actually the story of Lizzie Borden and her family so not for everyone. I love getting so into a book that I want another page, another chapter…
see what I have done

Clear out the junk- I associate myself as a “hoarder”, not just of “things”but of memories good and bad from the past and thoughts of the future. I never seem to live in the present so not only am I working on clearing real physical junk but also junk that stuck in my mind. This is a big one because i’m waking up feeling much more refreshed and less buried in too deep of this fast world.

Relax- Drink coffee, tea, nap… take time out just for you. As it’s winter here in Australia i’m enjoying an afternoon coffee when i finish work because I get into my exercise routine. It’s the pick me up I need to slow down and regroup my thoughts and change from work mode to ” me”mode.
(I don’t endorse an afternoon caffeine pick me up if its going to alter your sleep patterns, I can drink coffee whenever I please and still sleep through the night!).

I’m no expert but the above has really helped me to slow down and just go with the flow in day to day life, and probably saved me from many a panic attacks!