Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

In a few hours we say Goodbye to 2017 here in Australia, and Hello to 2018!
There will be no staying up til midnight, no hard partying, nothing of the sorts for me, I’ll happily sleep through and wake nice and fresh ready for a new year.
2017 was a year i’ll be happy to leave behind, in the last few months I was just getting frustrated and bored with the year. My mental health was letting me down and I really started to feel like Christmas was more a burden than a time that was meant to be enjoyed.

2018 looks very promising with many exciting things on the horizon!
I’m starting tomorrow off in the best possible way by spending it with a good friend, seeing a movie and having lunch. I feel like that will set the tone for many promising outtings in 2018 with close friends.
Another big change is coming to my family soon, very soon, anyday now and I feel like that will bring many smiles!
One of my main focuses will be on my pets in 2018, Sophie and my 4 guinea pig furbabies. Sophie had a sprained hip in early December and that really knocked her about. For a week she couldn’t stand/ walk without pain and I had to carry her up and down the stairs, no easy feat carrying a close to 30kg dog! She’s come through it well and is back to normal but I’d love to focus more on her.
Also in November we fostered 2 more guinea pig girls and after a few days we knew we were adopting them, they are still a bit shy, my new year goal with them is to give them the time and help they need to bring them out of there shells even more!

This blog will also be getting a lot more time! I’ve got ideas and will be trying to post at least twice a week.
I’ll keep my ideas under wraps for the time being but keep checking back if your interested!

Thats it for 2017, will see you on the other side!

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