In the mail this week 1-7 Jan 2018!

2018 has gotten off to a great start and so I thought i’d start the year off with a “what came in my mailbox” post!
I ordered myself a few things that I came across and loved and though why not treat myself.
First off I picked up a book that i’d borrowed and read from the library but really wanted to own for myself for future reference…
This book goes into detail about how to bullet journal and has so many ideas, tips and hints. I love it and will be using it to give me ideas on future spreads, lists and trackers.
It gave me the idea to put a Key and Table of Contents in the front of my journal just so I can find things i’ve written quicker and I really love that idea.
hourly agenda

I really love the layout and how everything is clearly explained in this book!

The other things I picked up I bought off Etsy and they were just stationary items from a store called Sweet Sunday gifts.
These stickers are very cute and perfect for sticking on packages to friends and sealing envelopes, just adding that extra cute element to the mail!
and more stickers, this time bunnies because bunnies are very cute! You’ll find I have a new found love for bunnies and i’ll explain in a later post but for now i’ll just be sticking these bunnies everywhere!
The heart pegs are also from Sweet Sunday Gifts and i’m using them to peg up photos and motivational quotes on my peg board!

Lastly I receieved a win in the mail, First win of 2018!
A Star Wars The Last Jedi! pack!
It’s a pretty cool prize including the huge poster, backpack, keychain, notebook and headphones.
My mum already laid claim to the headphones because she actually wanted a pair for sometime and these are pretty neat. The backpack great quality as well with padding on the straps to prevent rubbing.

Hopefully next week I have another good mail week and will let you know what the mailman brings!


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