Weekly Round- Up!

Things i’m reading, watching, loving this week and weekly round up of posts I think are worth reading!

Reading- The Stoccos by Nino Bucci.
This book is an insight into Australian most notorious “bushrangers” and their decent into crime. It’s a fascinating story and to be completely honest I don’t think the time fits the crime. They stole from people who outcast them and the one man they did kill was a criminal himself. Read the book and find out for yourself, I’d love opinions!

Watching- Amazing Interiors.
This show is amazing. The police officer that comes home to the house of horrors, yes please!
Last weekend I picked up my new glasses and I love them, I can see again without all the blurriness. My eyes deteriorated a fair bit within the two years since I last had them checked, one eye can’t see far and the other can’t see close so wearing my glasses helps all round! I got some pretty funky ones too!

-I came across this article on hair transformations, and I have to say I want bangs!
-Smart tips for achieving Less food waste.
–¬†This¬†Disturbia Web shirt is amazing and on sale.
– I walked into Target last week for a browse, came across¬†This¬†stunning Botanic Framed Print, I think I might go back and pick it up for hanging in my bathroom! It’s so pretty and I think it will add something pretty to the pink room!
РTiny houses are amazing, but think of all that decluttering. Here is a woman whom has done just that!


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