A break from the Light and Bright.

I admit I’ve taken a very long break from blogging, life has just been too hard, too much all in such a short space of time and my heart hasn’t been in it.
The past year in general just went from one thing to the next.

Last year my Nana was diagnosed with a terrible illness called Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy, by the time she actually got this diagnosis she was already immobile. Although it’s something she would of had for many years. You see PSP is rare and usually diagnosed as other illnesses until the later stages.  I may or may not do a post on it in the future.
Nana passed away in March after fighting this disease the best way she could.
In the month that followed I lost one of my guinea pigs and a friend to suicide.
Tough times…

I’m also not entirely sure where I want Light, Bright and Darkness to go. It might just become a mish mash of many ideas, thoughts and gibberish. Doesn’t everyone enjoy a bit of gibberish occasionally anyway!

Til next time…


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