Let’s talk Guinea Pigs!

Did you have a guinea pig as a child?
As those whom know me personally would already know, I have two guinea pigs, Thumper and Harley! I absolutely love my girls and spoil them like they were real human children so I thought i’d do a post on some of my favourite piggie places that I visit!
Most of these places are rescue groups so they are the perfect places to visit to get some more information about guinea pigs or to look for a new adition to your piggie family!

First of all I have to say how much I love The Cavy Cottage!
The Cavy Cottage is based in Geebung, Brisbane, A lovely little shop and rescue that caters for all things piggies, these guys have been a huge help to us and even teamed us up with Harley, our youngest (and craziest girl).
At the Cavy Cottage you will find a wide range of food, treats, housing needs, bathing needs and anything else your piggie desires. I usually end up leaving with tonnes of treats and a big bag of feed, nothing lasts very long with piggies though so you’ll find yourself here every few weeks!
At the back of the shop is all the piggies up for adoption, feel free to look if you dare, so many cute piggies that pull at the heartstrings, you’ll want to take them all home!
If you’re looking for a friend for a piggie, bring them in and they’ll team them up with a friend! This is how we got Harley, Thumper wasn’t keen on any other pigs except Harley so we are very thankful for this service as we could of ended up with a pig friend for Thumper that she didn’t like.
The Cavy Cottage also offers a boarding service, nail trims and baths!
Find them on facebook, instagram and at http://www.thecavycottage.com.au

Guinea Pigs Australia is also another prominant and well known Guinea Pig place for Australians. Join and Guinea Pig group and Australian’s will always recommend this place!
I purchased my C&C cage from these guys and found it was a very quick and easy way to have all the pieces for a C&C cage in the one place, instead of having to gather from different places. It might be a little bit more expensive but I don’t have the patience to gather coroplast. grids and connectors from all different places.
My girls have a 2×4 C&C cage and a ramp and loft, all of which I got for Guinea Pigs Australia.
I’ve noticed a few very cool “Circus” themed pieces lately that i’ve got my eye on as well…

circus house
A circus tent bed!
A cannonball Tunnel, I can imagine Harley having so much fun in this one!

Find Guinea Pigs Australia at guineapigsaustralia.com.au

A recent discovery for me is Pigs ‘n’ Pigloos Guinea Pig Sanctuary! I discovered this rescue when I was checking out what stalls were been held at the Pet’s at the Gabba markets. Pet’s at the Gabba is a pets markets held in Brisbane at the Gabba, so lots of stalls for your pets, however it’s mostly dog stalls so a little variety would make it a bit more interesting. So seeing a piggie stall made me super happy and straight away I got onto the owner.
Kadam is such a lovely lady and greeted me with a big hug when we got to the markets.

pigs and pigloos
Pigs ‘n’ Pigloos Pet’s at the Gabba Market stall!

Pigs ‘n’ Pigloos is a rescue so another great place to find a furbaby that is in need of a forever home. Rescue’s do it tough money wise so another reason why they are a great place to pick up your piggie foods, toys, bedding as you are helping out those piggies and giving the owner the means to keep going!
I picked up some great stuff from Pigs ‘n’ Pigloos, a hidey cube, a tunnel and a corner hammock, such fanstastic quality and my girls have been running around through the tunnel into the cube and sliding through the hammock hidey part! Hilarious to watch!
Already planning my next visit!
Get in contact via facebook.

Lastly another rescue that i’ve never visited but that I just love already!
Sharna’s Cavy Sanctuary is based in Loganholme, Brisbane so it’s a little out of my way, however I will get there one day!
I came across Sharna’s while looking for random guinea pig groups on facebook and it popped up. Another rescue with piggies up for adoption and heaps of lovely goodies to purchase, I really want to visit this one. Now just to nag the partner to take me out to Loganholme.
Sharna’s Cavy Sanctuary holds raffles to fund vet bills and bring a bit of excitement, I mean the chance to win cute things for piggies is always a plus right…
I got my eye on a few of the following goodies

strawberry house
Strawberry house!
oxbow treats
My girls love these, Thumper especially loves the Carrot and Dill variety!

Sharna’s Cavy Sanctuary can be found at http://www.sharnascavysanctuary.com.au and via facebook.

I hope this little round up changes your mind about going to a pet shop and shopping locally and through rescue’s for all your guinea pig needs! I know i’d much prefer to shop via the above places knowing i’m helping piggies in need and supporting my like-minded guinea pig fans!